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280W Solar Panels
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Mitsubishi Electric

280W Solar Panels

Hubands Energy are Northland's exclusive appointed stockists of Mitsubishi Black Diamond Solar Panels. With 40 years of solar innovation behind them, these panels are tailored to suit NZ conditions and are a premium product.

Superior Technology

Half-cut Cell

By reducing the area of each cell and connecting them in a parallel formation, the amount of electrical current carried by each busbar is reduced by half. This results in the decrease of electrical resistance within the busbars and an increase in overall efficiency of about 2.5%.

Cells are cut with a special process using a high-precision laser to maintain the integrity of the cell.

By using half-cut cells, the electrical current ( i ) flowing in each busbar is halved. Therefore, the amount of internal losses in a half-cut module is 1/4 of a full sized cell module.

Selective Emitter

In a standard doping process, silicon wafers are doped with phosphorus to create a P/N junction. The level of doping concentration was a trade-off between conductivity with the cell electrodes and carrier charge recombination. Higher concentration levels leads to higher conductivity, but more carrier charge losses, and vice versa. As a solution, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new selective emitter process in which only the area in contact with the electrodes is doped with high concentrations to maintain both high conductivity and low carrier charge losses. This improvement has resulted in an increase in cell output of approximately 5%

4 Busbar Cell

Through an industry-leading innovation of integrating 4 busbars into each cell, internal electrical resistance is reduced, boosting cell output by 3%*. This is possible because the distances between the busbars are shorter and less current flows through each smaller electrode where resistance is the highest.

*Approximate improvement compared to a standard 2 busbar cell.

Newly Re-designed Junction Box

Our field-proven high safety junction box has been re-designed and optimized for use with monocrystalline cells. As one of the most critical parts of the module in terms of safety, our junction box features a waterproof, flame-resistant 4 layer barrier of protection. Combined with highly heat-resistant diodes, efficient heat-sink, and secured intertwining tab connections, our junction boxes boast a top-class level of safety.

Anti-reflective Glass

An anti-reflective coating has been added to the glass of our modules. It improves the light transmittance of the glass by reducing the amount of reflection on the surface. This improvement has led to a module output increase of 2%. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric modules use a non-porous type of anti-reflective coating, which is more resistant to the adhesion of dust than porous types.

Lead-free Solder

Mitsubishi Electric was the first Japanese manufacture to introduce (and still use) 100% lead-free solder in the inter-cell connections as another initiative contributing to environmental protection.

The Northland weather conditions mean there is more salt in the air which can be damaging to solar panels. One of the many features of the Mitsubishi Black Diamond Solar Panels is their coating of two layers of high quality anti-corrosion material meaning these panels are ideal for coastal areas.

Normally, high salt content in the air (in areas around to the ocean) can do serious damage to the structural integrity of a PV module, and can also pose an electrical safety hazard by causing corrosion. However, due to the intelligent design and high quality of the materials used, Mitsubishi modules can be safely installed in such areas with high salt concentration in the air*.

*Excluding areas in which the module comes into direct contact with salt water.

The frame and laminate are designed so that a strong physical and electrical barrier is maintained even in harsh environments. Improved Frame Mitsubishi's classic hollowless L-frame design has been improved with a smarter protection bar insert. As a result, the strength of the new frame has increased by approximately double that of the previous L-frame. In addition, modules can now be installed by clipping the shorter sides, simplifying system design and installation.

Double Corrosion-resistant Frame Coating The highly durable aluminum frame is treated with two separate corrosion-resistant coatings for excellent durability and a beautiful finish. Even the individual screws have double anti-corrosive coatings for lasting protection. Mitsubishi is a true pioneer in the solar electric field. This is because Mitsubishi Electric has been working on the technology since the 1970s, when they made their first solar modules to provide power to satellites. If you can imagine how durable and reliable PV modules need to be to withstand the hot and cold extremes of outer space, you can get an idea of how well Mitsubishi Electric solar panels work right here at home.

Mitsubishi Electric solar panels come with a 10 year output warranty and a 25 year product warranty* (please dowload brochure for full details). In addition to this, Hubands Energy offer an exclusive 10 year installation warranty. 

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